Agriculture Network Information Collaborative

A Knowledge Discovery System for Agriculture

About AgNIC

The Agriculture Network Information Collaborative (AgNIC) is a voluntary alliance of members based on the concept of “centers of excellence”. The member institutions are dedicated to enhancing collective information and services among the members and their partners for all those seeking agricultural information over the Internet.

By joining forces to enhance impact and deliver increasing access to information and expertise, it enables partner institutions to make the most of available resources and increase impact.

Collectively the Alliance harnesses:

  • More than 80 information and subject specialists
  • Over 60 topics covered comprehensively by partner institutions
  • Full-text and web-based resources
  • Participation from five countries with collaborative contributions from many more

Mission: AgNIC facilitates and participates in partnerships and cooperation among institutions and organizations world-wide that are committed to the identification, delivery and preservation of reliable, freely-available, evaluated, digital content and quality services for agriculture, food, and natural resources information.

Facts about AgNIC